Innocentia Frame Arms Girl Statue

Innocentia Frame Arms Girl Statue
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Soška Innocentia vytvořená podle předlohy figurální řady Frame Arms Girl Series vycházející z grafického návrhu Takayuki Yanase a Fumikane Shimadaje vysoká cca 15 cm s detailním zpracováním.

Innocentia s lovely appearance was based off of mecha designs by Takayuki Yanase and illustrations by Fumikane Shimada.

She can look anywhere from calm and observant to bubbly and excited with her three facial expressions (which were created using new molding techniques): smiling while looking right, looking left, and looking forward.

Decals are also included for both her pupils and other parts included in the kit.

You can also change what kind of girl Innocentia is entirely by swapping out hair and ear parts!

Aside from her regular bangs and regular bangs with joint attachment, you can also customize the back of her hair with her normal short hair and side pigtail parts.

Plus, no one said Innocentia had to be human! With fun additions like cat ears, mecha ears, mecha fox ears, upright mecha dog ears, droopy mecha dog ears, and other mecha accessories, Innocentia can be all sorts of different things (provided you swap them out, of course).

Finally, improved posing possibilities makes scenes with Innocentia much more versatile; she can now cross her legs and other fun poses!

While her joints have a new structure, she still uses 3-millimeter holes and is therefore equally interchangeable with other plastic model kits from the Frame Arms series and the M.S.G. series.

Kotobukiya s spin off to the main Frame Arms series, Frame Arms Girl, welcomes another excellent model as Innocentia joins the gang!

Sculpted by Yasutomo Shimizu, the model kit comes with 51-200 parts and stands 5.9” tall when fully completed. Innocentia also comes with three interchangeable faces, two interchangeable hair parts, interchangeable ears, bare skin for arms and legs, interchangeable necks, interchangeable feet, interchangeable neck ruffles, two mount parts for her upper back and two for her lower back, five pairs of interchangeable hands (in both black and peach), and decals for her eyes and facial expressions!

All the parts are fully compatible across the Frame Arms collection too so they are great for customizing.


Non-scale plastic model kit

Materials: PS, PE, ABS, non-phthalate PVC

Height (approx.): 150 mm | 5.9" Number of Parts: 51-200


3 interchangeable expression parts 2 interchangeable bangs Interchangeable ears Bare skin for arms and legs White color and peach color for bare legs 2 necks 2 feet 2 neck ruffles 2 mount parts for back 2 mount parts for lower back 5 pairs of PVC hands (peach and black, total 10 pairs) Decals for eyes and facial expressions

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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