Soška zápasnice CHUN LI vytvořená podle předlohy herní řady the Street Fighter Player V collection vycházející z grafického návrhu Jerry Macaluso je vysoká cca 76 cm s detailním zpracováním.

“I am the strongest woman in the world!”

Chun Li has taken part in the World Warrior tournament since its introduction in Street Fighter II, and her claim to be the strongest woman in the world is no mere boast!

Trained from childhood to be a great warrior, few, save the god-like M.Bison, could stand against her in hand-to-hand combat

“Chun Li is one of the most iconic characters in the Street Fighter series” says PCS President Jerry Macaluso, “ When we began designing her for our 1:3 Street Fighter line, we knew we were taking on a great challenge. Those who follow the hobby closely know this 30" tall (76 cm) collectible has been in the works for over a year."

Following the tradition of Ryu and Akuma, Chun Li was personally sculpted by Jerry Macaluso, who spent months sculpting and resculpting until he captured her essence.

“We began with Chun Li s most recognizable look, Classic Qipao, which is the blue outfit she has worn since Street Fighter II,” continues Macaluso.

“Re-creating that dress was no small feat, but we are lucky to have some of the most talented costumers in the business working with us for months, and it really shows in the amazing details on this piece, such as the embroidery.”

Several iterations of the qipao were produced, trying a number of different techniques and materials before finding the right combination to make Chun Li look as if she had just stepped right out of the game.

Alpha Chun Li is presented in her blue leotard and embroidered vest, wearing blue and yellow sneakers inspired by her childhood hero, Bruce Lee! Featuring a more youthful portrait hand sculpted by Jerry Macaluso, 1:3 Alpha Chun Li stands as a loving tribute to this fan favorite characters roots.

Says Macaluso, “The greatest challenge with Chun Li is capturing this amazing balance of strength and femininity that Capcom s designers have given her since the beginning. As Street Fighter fans know, she is the Strongest Woman in the World, which means she needs muscle, yet she also has to be, well…hot! So the sculpture itself went through many revisions over 12 months of development while I tried to find that perfect balance.

In addition to the challenge of the sculpture, this collectible would be the most demanding and detailed tailoring project the PCS Team has tackled to date.

Battle Version Chun Li is modeled after her alternate costume in Street Fighter V. Wearing a long, low-cut black dress with golden embroidery inspired by the design on her more traditional qipao. Chun Li may appear a bit more relaxed here, trading her combat boots for ballet flats and letting her hair down for the first time in the series, but she is still as formidable as ever!

All three versions will be offered individually and also as a Legacy Set, offering collectors the opportunity to display Chun Li in all three phases of her career, from her start as an aspiring martial artist to her current role as a globetrotting Interpol agent.

- 30" (76cm) H x 9.5" (24cm) W x 7.25" (18.5cm) D.

- Limited to 325 pcs. - Estimated ship date 4th Qtr 2018 - Includes tailored fabric costume and Certificate of Authenticity.

Sculpted by – Jerry Macaluso , Justin McMillan, Hector Arce
Painted by – Mike Najera
Costumes by – Claudia Hardy
Art Director – Jerry Macaluso

PS - Special Announcement 5.24.2017:

“As PCS nears its 10th Anniversary, Jerry Macaluso would like to thank all of the fans and customers for their unwavering support.

PCS started in his garage as a side project that allowed him to sculpt and produce small runs of his favorite Street Fighter characters. It was never intended to become a real company, but because of the great demand and support for their collectibles, they have grown up.

Jerry Macaluso is first and foremost a designer and sculptor, so his passion lies in the art, not the business side of PCS. Therefore, effective immediately, he is stepping down from the business side of PCS to act as Creative Director.

Anthony Adams is the new CEO/CFO and Head of Licensing and Mark Martin is the new VP of Sales, Distribution and Customer Service. Anthony and Mark bring a combined 30+ years of business, customer service and sale experience. They have a lot in store for PCS and for Jerry to help free him up to focus on all the art of PCS. It amazed them the amount of work Jerry was juggling. Just envision a one person band playing every instrument at once, but instead of instruments its sculpting tools, accounting, customer service, etc. More than one person can handle.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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