Allosaurus vs Camarasaurus Exclusive Diorama pravěký svět

Allosaurus vs Camarasaurus Exclusive Diorama pravěký svět
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Diorama Allosaurus vs Camarasaurus vytvořená podle předlohy figurální řady the Dinosauria collectible line vycházející z grafického návrhu je vysoká cca 32 cm s detailním zpracováním.

From 1933 s original King Kong, to the recent popularity of the Jurassic Park films, and Walking with Dinosaurs, dinos have long been an exciting part of pop culture. Find your favorite dinosaur replicas including T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and more in our dinosaur figures series, as Sideshow s artists bring new life to these prehistoric creatures of history and legend with museum-quality dinosaur models.

At a whopping 26 inches long, Sideshow s l Dinosauria diorama is one of their largest piece (though it is unseated from this position with their Spinosaurus piece). Tom Gilliland collaborated with a large team of artists, including such greats as Steve Riojas, David Krentz, and Jorge Blanco, on what he considers to be his favorite piece in the line. This scene depicts a veritable “death race,” capturing that split second before at least one animal passes into another plane of existence.

The model s backstory explains that a desperate pack of Allosaurs have successfully ambushed a juvenile Camarasaurus, cutting him off from the herd and throwing everything they’ve got at him. Snapping and clawing viciously at their prey, the massive macronarian is ultimately subdued when one of the females springs upon him, sinking her jaws into his neck. In a classic twist of irony, the sauropod s collapse not only ends his own life, but the life of the female as well. The surviving carnivores are now blessed with two carcasses to gorge themselves on. The scene is like something from a Delgado novel.

In one of the most famous sets of fossilized dinosaur tracks ever discovered, there is exciting evidence of an Acrocanthosaurus actually leaping and briefly clinging onto a sauropod. With this in mind, it seems reasonable that the relatively agile Allosaurus could be capable of such a feat. This makes for a thrilling finish to the fight, with every animal in motion, muscles straining, jaws gaping, in that typical over-the-top fashion that Sideshow Dinosauria statues are known for. Packs of Allosaurs would probably rely on exhausting a sauropod from blood loss in order to take it down. This traditional “hit and run” attack method is evident in the gushing wounds on the herbivore s flank, as well as the fresh blood lining the jaws and claws of the running hunter.

The Camarasaurus is colored conservatively in earthen tones – the backstory makes special mention of “faded colors”, which the Allos would seek out to indicate a sick prey item – and this fits the popular notion that large animals would not bear intricate display patterns. The Allosaurs themselves bear more the hue of rotten flesh, decked out in putrid pinks and grisly grays, even crimson eyes to amplify their devilishly dirty nature. For further “doom and gloom” atmosphere, the base imitates a muddy landscape, a bleak stage subject to heavy rainfall. There is also glistening mud on the legs of the Camarasaurus, a simple touch that the onlooker would particularly like, because it reinforces the idea of an animal existing as part of its environment.

Despite the precarious pose of each character in the scene, the statues are extremely stable once attached via peg-and-hole method into the base. Glisten though it may, this is not one of the more impressive bases Sideshow had implemented for a Dinosauria statue. Rather than tapering or leveling off like previous bases, this one simply terminates abruptly into blackness. Some have found this inconsistency a bit distracting, and as anyone who has seen Martin Garret s kit buildups can tell you, a good base can really extend the credibility of the diorama. Fortunately, future statues appear to be following the normal trend, making this base something of an anomaly.

With this statue, you get several characters interacting in one dynamic scene, and total assembly shouldn t take you more than five minutes, providing you have experience fitting pegs into holes. In short, this is easily one of the best Dinosauria statues to be released. It has all the show-stopping artistry, scale, and detail a dinosaur fan could want.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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