Therizinosaurus In A Final Battle The Jurassic World: Dominion BONUS Legacy Museum 1/15 Statue pravěký svět

Therizinosaurus In A Final Battle The Jurassic World: Dominion BONUS Legacy Museum 1/15 Statue  pravěký svět

v prodeji od 30.10.2024
Věkové omezení:14
Rok vydání:2024
Skladem:poslední kusy
Kategorie:PRAVĚKÝ SVĚT - sošky, figurky, fosílie, repliky prehistorie
Výrobce: Prime 1 Studio

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Soška Therizinosaurus Final Battle 1/15 vytvořená podle filmové předlohy the Jurassic World: Dominion vycházející z grafického designu the Prime 1 Studio Legacy Museum Collection 1/15 Figure Series je vysoká cca 55 cm s detailním zpracováním.

"We not only lack dominion over nature, we are subordinate to it."

Prime 1 Studio is extremely proud to present you the next great addition to our Legacy Museum Collection: The 1/15 Scale LMCJW3-02S Therizinosaurus Final Battle Bonus Version from the Jurassic World: Dominion film!

In this epic conclusion to the Jurassic World Trilogy, the Biosyn Sanctuary is set ablaze, Owen Grady and his companions try their best to escape as the final battle of the dinosaurs begins. It comes without a surprise that Prime 1 Studio would choose this climactic battle as the next giant reptile to bring to life. The Therizinosaurus made its fierce and powerful debut in this summer blockbuster, it played a major role in the film, including the final battle, and has left a powerful impression amongst the fans.

The amazing artists of Prime 1 Studio have come together once again to craft with the utmost care, thus setting this statue apart by the level of detail that has been put into every inch of its design. This piece perfectly captures the fierce and majestic appearance of this incredible herbivore dinosaur. From the intricate patterns on its skin to the sharp, pointed teeth in its powerful jaws, this status is a work of art in every sense of the word. Its pose further emphasizes its sharp, aggressive claws with both hands outstretched. The details in its reddish-brown fur and sunken eyes create a presence so real you can hear its piercing cry from the movie. The base features a fossil layering beneath the earth and it is set at the Biosyn Sanctuary, where the decisive battle took place.

When you order this Bonus version from our official online store or any authorized distributor, you will receive a cool extra Bonus Part: a bonus, freestanding Jurassic World: Dominion Logo Plaque! This statue will be a treasured addition to your collection for years to come. Bring home the ultimate dinosaur collectible along with its two opponents and recreate the epic final battle of the Dominion film in the warmth of your own home. Order this LMCJW3-02: THERIZINOSAURUS FINAL BATTLE today!

[Product Specifications]

·Statue Size approximately 22 inches tall and 26 inches wide [H:55cm W:67cm D:44cm]. ·Biosyn Sanctuary rubble from Jurassic World: Dominion-themed base. ·One (1) Jurassic World Dominion Logo Plaque [BONUS PART].

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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