The Tarot of Prague (kniha a 78 karet)

The Tarot of Prague (kniha a 78 karet)
Karen Mahony, Alex Ukolov
Rok vydání:2003
Skladem:poslední kusy
Kategorie:Karty, taroty, čtení z ruky, sny
Výrobce: Abbyshot Clothiers

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Lavish, beautifully-produced book and tarot deck evoking the rich imagery of the Magic City. Composed from thousands of original photographs of the art and architecture of Prague, each gorgeous image on the 78 cards is a stunning, original collage.

For both tarot novices and experts, the accompanying 300-page book gives in-depth guidance to using this gorgeous Tarot, with

* interpretations and explanations of each card s symbols * links with traditional Tarot symbols * how to use the deck for cartomantic readings * how to make short, interpretive Tarot readings * keywords to help readings emerge quickly

Note: Deck is also available separately, packaged with informative booklet.

The deck comes in a "bookbinder" cover with gold ribbons, two Death cards are included, so that you can choose which you prefer to use. The kit comes with a detailed and informative 300-page companion book.

“The Tarot of Prague was designed to be a vibrant expression of the city. The images are collaged from thousands of original photographs of the streets and houses, the murals and statues, manuscripts and drawings, and even from the games that make up Pragues rich visual treasury.”

The Tarot of Prague (the deck was used in an episode of the TV show Ghost Whisperer) follows the Rider Waite Smith system, although the Majors are not numbered, and there is an extra Majors card: Prudence. The upper left hand of the cards depict the number or letter (in the case of Aces and the Courts), with a golden Cup, Sword, Wand, or 5-pointed Star (Pentacle) in the lower right hand corner. Matte-finished cards measure approximately 5”x 3”, with card backings depicting an intricate assemblage of graphite hued scrollwork, birds, candelabras, and humans representing the four elements.

At first glance, the backings appear reversible, but upon closer inspection, they are not.

The 32-page LWB gives a brief overview of Tarot history, as well as learning and reading the cards. Also provided is a good overview of the general meanings of the numbers and Court Cards (e.g. Pages often indicate exploration, study, enthusiasm, risk-taking beginnings, news, and messages, while the number two often deals with issues of union, balance, decisions, and dealing with emotional forces.)

A few spreads are shared, including the Celtic Cross and a specially created 5-card Prague “Threshold” spread. Upright keywords are given for all the cards, but the Majors are given more attention with a brief explanation.

Karen gives a great overview of each of the suits/elements, including the positive and negative sides of each expression.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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