Toyota Century GRMN Gazoo Racing Meister of the Nürburgring Black 1/18 Die-Cast Vehicle

Toyota Century GRMN Gazoo Racing Meister of the Nürburgring Black 1/18 Die-Cast Vehicle

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AKČNÍ MODELY AUTÍČEK Die-Cast - 1/18 a další
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Model auta pro sběratele Toyota Century GRMN v černém laku vytvořený podle předlohy originálu designerským týmem v měřítku 1:18 při věrném zachování detailu a kvality zpracování.

Dne 18. září 2018 zveřejnil japonský web Nostalgic Car článek s fotografiemi továrního vzhledového paketu pro Century s názvem Century GRMN (Gazoo Racing, tuned by the Meister of the Nürburgring) - sportovně orientovaná verze modelu Century. 25. listopadu 2018 se vůz objevil na Toyota GAZOO Racing Festivalu, kde se objevil po boku páté generace modelu Supra.Na tokijském autosalonu 2019 se objevil model Century GRMN v černé barvě.

The Toyota Century (Japanese: トヨタ・センチュリー, Hepburn: Toyota Senchurī) is a luxury vehicle produced mainly for the Japanese market, serving as Toyota s flagship car within Japan; globally the unrelated Lexus LS series is Toyota s flagship luxury model. Production of the Century began in 1967, and the model received only minor changes until redesigns in 1997 and 2018.

The Century derived its name from the 100th birthday of Sakichi Toyoda (born 14 February 1867), the founder of Toyota Industries. It is often used by the Imperial House of Japan, the Prime Minister of Japan, senior Japanese government leaders, and high-level executive businessmen. The Century is comparable in purpose to the Austin Princess/Daimler DS420, Cadillac Series 70, Mercedes-Benz 600 series, Chinese Red Flag, Rolls-Royce, and Russian ZIS/ZIL limousines.

The first-generation Century was available with only a V8 engine (the third post-war Japanese-built sedan so-equipped) at its introduction in 1967 until a full platform redesign in 1997. The second generation was only installed with a Toyota-designed and -built V12, an engine bespoke to the Century, until 2018, when the power-train reverted to a V8 with the addition of Toyota s hybrid technology.

While the Century is a premium, full-size luxury sedan, it is not available at Japanese Lexus dealerships; it can only be purchased at specifically identified Toyota Store locations. The gold phoenix logo used throughout is called the Hō ō (鳳凰) or Fushichō (不死鳥) from Asian mythology, representing the Imperial House of Japan, and the image can be found throughout Asia, such as the Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto.

The exterior styling of the Century has, with some modifications, remained unchanged since its introduction, primarily due to its perception as denoting conservative success. Its appearance is iconic in Asian countries and is usually painted black. The closest Japanese competitor was the Nissan President, with a similar status reputation although, during the 1960s and 1970s, the high market positioning was also shared with the Mitsubishi Debonair. In the 1970s, two other Japanese competitors introduced large sedans — the Isuzu Statesman de Ville and the Mazda Roadpacer (both derived from General Motors-Australia products) — which were short-lived.

The third generation Century was unveiled at the October 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The car then went on sale on 22 June 2018 with the top grade Century Limousine at ¥60,000,000. It is to be offered in four exterior colors, with culturally significant names; Kamui Eternal Black (神威), Mashū Shrine Blue Mica (摩周), Asuka (Black Ash) Red Mica (飛鳥), and Seika Radiant Silver Metallic (精華). The Century s production is limited to 50 per month, and is built in a "nearly hand-made" fashion.

It shows that its appearance was influenced by the Century Royal, which was produced at the request of the Japanese Imperial Household Agency to be used by senior members of the Imperial House of Japan in 2006. The full model update maintains the visual tradition of the Century model, while incorporating appropriate technological upgrades and advances such as Toyota Safety Sense P-series collision avoidance support, and Toyota T-Connect.

The traditionally installed side-view mirrors above the front wheels, a standard feature that started with the first generation, have been replaced with door mounted units, incorporating turn signal lights. Unlike other Toyota products, which have the Toyota badge, and hybrid installed vehicles with a separate "hybrid badge" with an additional Toyota or Lexus badge with a blue background, the Century has the traditional Fushichō badge and the word "Century" in block letters on the trunklid and does not carry the Toyota badge or designation. On the "C" pillar there is a badge in blue with a gothic-style "C" for Century with a label "hybrid" below. This badge is a traditional Century styling feature that first appeared in 1967.

There are many features that are exclusive to the Century. The grille is the classic narrow vertical chrome strips with a second layer underneath of interlocking circles that are also used for the turn signals used in the front bumper. The rear taillights are also a traditional appearance which debuted with the first generation in 1967. As with previous generations, rear passenger comfort and convenience is made a priority. The rear seats have a recline feature, with integrated heaters and massage function, as well as an adjustable power leg rest for the rear seat opposite the driver. The sound system comes standard with 20 speakers. A 20-inch LCD screen is installed for rear seat passengers that let occupants control many aspects and features as a convenience as well as playing video content. The standard upholstery fabric continues to be offered in three color choices using 100% wool with a unique heather pattern, with leather remaining available optionally in two different color combinations. Both upholstery choices include two different wood inlay selections. The transmission selector, which on previous generations was either floor mounted or steering column installed, is now only available on the floor.

The powertrain is Hybrid Synergy Drive including the 2UR-FSE 5.0L V8 petrol engine, maintaining the displacement of the prior V12 engine but adding an electric drive system for fuel economy improvement to 13.6 km/L (38 mpg‑imp; 32 mpg‑US), compared to the prior generation s 10 km/L (28 mpg‑imp; 24 mpg‑US). The powertrain package is the same as the 2008-2017 Lexus LS 600h & LS 600h L; however, as the fifth-generation LS does not feature this powertrain, it is now unique to the Century. The suspension has been upgraded from the previous double wishbone to a multi-link suspension with supplemental air bags to further enhance ride quality. Toyota first displayed a hybrid engine in the Century at the 1975 Tokyo Motor Show in the Century gas turbine hybrid, with a GT45 gas turbine and electric motor.

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