Modely postav (sošky,figurky) pro sběratele (Statues) make sensational gifts for you and the people you know, and we have literally hundreds for you to choose from in a range of prices. You are sure to find just what you are looking for! A statue is a sculpture depicting a specific entity, usually a person, event, animal, or object. Its primary concern is representational. However, as with all artistic topics, this definition of the concept of a statue is far from exhaustive. A small statue is called statuette. A statue of just a head and shoulders is a bust.

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SLAN The Winged Succubus Berserk Quarter Scale Statue
v prodeji od 30.11.2019
Cena 29 873,00
Slingshot Babe Sixth Scale Sexy Anime Figure
v prodeji od 30.09.2017
Cena 7 853,00
Snake Plissken Third Scale Collectible Statue
v prodeji od 31.01.2018
Cena 26 983,00
Snow Giants Statues Diorama

Cena 14 783,00
Snow White Anime Figure

Cena 3 990,00

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