Model auta pro sběratele NISSAN Z33 Fairlady Z (350Z) No. 22 JGTC 2004 Motul Pitwork M. Kageyama and M. Krumm s figurkou řidiče vytvořená podle předlohy originálu designerským týmem v měřítku 1:18 při věrném zachování detailu a kvality zpracování.

After racing with the Nissan GT-R for more than 10 years, the factory Nissan racing team (NISMO) invested in a new car for the 2004 Japan GT Championships (JGTC), the 350Z sports coupe. Maintaining winning aspects of the 2003 GT-R model, including the powerful 2987cc V6 twin-turbo engine, the No.22 Motul Pitwork Z was driven by the team of M. Kageyama and M. Krumm, and the pair had impressive results including taking the win at Round 4.

Masami Kageyama and Michael Krumm achieved a 9th place finish in the GT500 Driver s Championship in the 2004 JGTC season.

Nissan made a big switch in 2004 for the Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC). It switched race cars, going from the heralded Skyline GT-R R34 to the Z33 Fairlady Z (350Z) to compete in the GT500-class. About half of the GT-R s parts, including the engine and transmission, were incorporated into the race Z. Even the basic design of the GT-R front and rear pipe frames was appropriated for the Z in order to cut down on development time. But the Z was wider than the GT-R and its wheelbase was shorter, making it a very different animal on the racetrack.

Although the Z exhibited better overall cornering than the GT-R, it had a tendency to be twitchy through turns, making it difficult for the race team to set up the car for different racetracks. New vehicle regulations took air restrictor apertures down a notch, reducing engine output and creating problems for the Z against the Toyota Supra, which boasted a higher top speed than the Nissan.

A total of four Zs were entered for the 2004 season, with the usual two Nismo cars, one Impul, and another from Hasemi Motor Sport. The No. 22 Motul Pitwork Z from Nismo was driven by Masami Kageyama and Michael Krumm. This team helped bring Nismo the Constructor s Title that year, with the drivers coming in 9th place.

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