Matabei Gotou Mop Sexy Anime Figure

Matabei Gotou Mop Sexy Anime Figure

Soška Matabei Gotou vytvořená podle předlohy figurální řady Japanese Mobile Game Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Series vycházející z japonské formy dějového vyprávění anime je vysoká cca 21 cm s detailním zpracováním.

From the absolute experts for hentai figures sure knowing how to make sexy anime figurines comes a Matabei Gotou that has surely been inspired by the famous Sengoku era in Japanese history.

Here comes the 1/8 statue of the Japanese Mobile Game Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Series by artists Takahashi Tsuyoshi and Aketagawa Noboru.

The game is all about the famous Sengoku era in Japanese history. A lot of mighty Samurai Lords fought in repeated battles to unify Japan into one nation again. The game just transformed everything into sexy female anime designs for your viewing pleasure. Mighty Castles or powerful generals everything that makes up the warfare of the time.

Matabei Gotou has been a true leader of his troops and has been well-known for his abilities among his allies and among his enemies, too. The game made him into a very curvaceous female general.

The beautiful woman with the long violet hair, a big mop and a rather revealing outfit based on a traditional kimono looks very stunning. Get her to lead your troops to victory.

She is the bodyguard of Yukimura Sanada and a very loyal subordinate. Otherwise Matabei is a very quiet character and keeps her thoughts to herself. In a way, this statue also shows off that side of her since it doesn t come with a weapon but with a big paintbrush that is for big pieces of calligraphy.

The girl has a slightly gloomy facial expression but still comes in a Hyakka Ryouran typical outfit that shows a lot of skin. Another nice high quality statue with her.

This item has features and themes that are for adults only. Ages 18 and up. Recommended for mature collectors. <

General Safety Warning: Products offered may be intended for Adult Collectors. Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 15 years old.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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