Soška Xiall vycházející z figurální řady the Court of the Dead Gallery collection podle předlohy PC hry Court of the Dead: Underworld Rising Video game je vysoká cca 63,5 cm s detailním zpracováním.

One truth, one purpose – Surrender your soul to Xiall, the Great Osteomancer.

Guiding the Underworld, she stands alongside the Queen of the Dead, Death s Valkyrie, the Reaper General and Death himself!

Based on an original character design, Sideshow is proud to introduce Xiall, the Great Osteomancer from our Court of the Dead collection.

“There is only one truth, one purpose. One path that will ensure our future – The path of Bone.”

With a dogmatic adherence to tradition, Xiall stands as the proud leader of the faction of Bone, carrying a magnificent staff symbolizing the authority granted to her by Death himself.

At the tip of her outstretched hand, a strange flame erupts from an ancient scroll, as the great Osteomancer taps into arcane knowledge thought lost long by most.

Manifesting its power as her own, Xiall envisions a single path that will ensure the Underworld s absolute protection against any and all celestial threats.

The power behind the Faction of Bone is Xiall, the Chancellor of Osteomancy, who cares little for the delicate game that Death plays within the Court of the Dead.

In fact, she finds much of the Court a contemptible exercise in excess. But it is neither ego nor arrogance that drives the cold and calculating Xiall.

No, it is purely logic. Every move Chancellor makes is part of a deeper plan – but a deeper plan conceived by whom?

For Xiall, there is only the way of Bone. No compromise, no partnerships – for the Chancellor is certain that only the strict adherence to the philosophies of Bone can lead the Underworld in its endeavors to shatter the oppressive yoke of the Heavens and Hells.

Any detour from her path is one that compromises the purpose of the Underworld, and is to be immediately dismissed.

But Xiall is no fool. She is well aware that a facade of cooperation and consideration will gain more advantage than one that reflects the reality of her beliefs. This is the truth behind her outward appearance, which she has shaped into both a disguise, and mockery, of those she holds in low esteem.

Xiall, the Vanguard of Bone, draws upon the power of order and structure to ensure that the strength of the Underworld shall not be broken.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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