Santa Fe-Style Side-Door Caboose (Waycar) HO Kit služební vlakový vůz stavebnice

Santa Fe-Style Side-Door Caboose (Waycar) HO Kit  služební vlakový vůz stavebnice
Služební vlakový vůz modelové železnice v měřítku HO pro železniční modeláře v modelářské kvalitě - American Model Builders Santa Fe-Style Side-Door Caboose (Waycar) Kit #875 stavebnice HO.

This kit represents Santa Fe s last class of wooden Waycars built with side doors. A total of 39 of these cars were built for the railroad by American Car and Foundry in St. Charles, Missouri.

Frank Ellingtion, in his book Caboose Cars of the Santa Fe (Railroad Car Press 1977, page 84), lists the following end platform sidedoor cabooses all with 28’-11” lengths: 1082-1114 built in 1921 by American Car & Foundry and 1116-1121 also built by ACF the same year. All of these Waycars rode on Arch Bar trucks, had vertical staff hand brakes, and were constructed with soldered tin roofs. Photos indicate that these cabooses changed very little in appearance over the years, and most kept their original equipment up until their retirement.

However, the Santa Fe did rebuild some of the class with new steel underframes in the 1940s, yet they still kept their Arch Bar trucks. A number of these sidedoor wooden waycars could still be seen bobbing down the rails of old branchlines or in Maintenance of Way service into the early 1960s!

Kit #875 features custom scribed sheathing, Peel & Stick windows, doors and roofing material, cast resin steps, unique laser-cut end railings, ladders, and handbrakes, underbody toolbox, optional screen doors and windows, brass wire and fixture for bending railing and handholds, and a white metal smokejack. Additional parts needed to complete this kit include trucks, couplers, glue, paint, and decals.

Features "outboard" style cupola roofwalks and grab iron holes designed to accept Detail Associates parts. Cabooses feature tabbed and slotted construction, peel and stick windows and doors, and custom Laser-Scribed siding. Includes Athearn floor and frame, AMB cast white metal marker lights, needle beams and queen posts. NOTE: Kits do not include trucks and couplers.

The Caboose (Waycar) is a railroad car with accommodations for the train crew, typically attached to the end of the train.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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