Soška SHI 死 Samurai Tomoe vytvořená podle filmové a literární předlohy vycházející z grafického návrhu the Sixth scale statue line je vysoká cca 30 cm s detailním zpracováním.

Tomoe Gozan is named after one of history s greatest female samurai. A member of the Nara Sohei Sect, she and her team are dispatched to America to deal with Masahiro Arashi s Shi Killer.

While her team begins searching for the assassin, Tomoe takes time to catch up with her long time friend, Ana Ishikawa.

Tomoe is initially unaware that her best friend and Shi are the same person but after witnessing the death of several of her team, she makes the connection between the two. Tomoe challenges Ana to combat and Ana comes face to face with her friend. Unwilling to fight, Tomoe attacks her and keeps her on the defensive for the duration of the battle.

Only when Tomoe almost dies does Ana finally sway her to stop fighting. However the adverse weather conditions affect the outcome and Tomoe is the only combatant left standing.

Tomoe takes up Ana s mantle as Shi and carries on Ana s vendetta against Masahiro. She later learns that Ana survived the battle and returns the mantle to her friend.

Skills & Weapons:

Tomoe is a highly trained martial artist and warrior. While versed in many weapons she chooses to use paper fans with razor blades. During her tenure as Shi, she continued to use these weapons as well as katana swords.

PL-2014-75 Phicen SHI 死 Samurai Tomoe Gozan Sixth Scale Collector Figure features:

Ceremonial outfit. Ceremonial head wear. Pair of boots. Head. Posing Hands * 6. Pair of wrist /hand guards. Assault fans * 2. Sword. Specialty Packaging. Figure Stand.

From the hit comic book, Shi! 1:6 Scale Action Figure includes a highly detailed sculpt! Phicen body makes for seamless articulation. Measures 12-inches tall and comes with tons of accessories! Executive Replicas and Phicen Limited bring you the Shi Tomoe Gozan 1:6 Scale Phicen Action Figure! This highly detailed 1:6 scale action figure includes a plethora of accessories for this samurai-turned-assassin. Accessories include 3 pairs of hands, wrist guards, 2 assault fans, sword, ceremonial outfit, as well as a figure stand. All of this comes in an awesome specialty packaging!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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