Nariko Heavenly Sword Quarter Scale Statue

Nariko Heavenly Sword Quarter Scale Statue

v prodeji od 31.12.2017
Rok vydání:2017
Skladem:poslední kusy
Výrobce: Hand Made Objects (HMO) Collecti

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Soška Nariko vycházející z figurální řady the Heavenly Sword podle předlohy SC Quarter Scale Statue line je vysoká cca 48 cm s detailním zpracováním.

Nariko is recreated here in luscious details using the highest standards of materials available to the market. Nariko is depicted Holding the Heavenly Sword in mid action pose. The powerful yet elegant pose brings out Nariko s character in every way.

We put extra care in re-creating her outfit with the silken gown effect and the subtle pattern on her dress, to add to the details and texture of the overall sculpt.

Every piece of H.M.O s Nariko of Heavenly Sword is hand crafted to perfection by passionate individuals, and we take great care in delivering the highest quality possible with no expenses spared.

Nariko is the main protagonist of the game Heavenly Sword. She is a beautiful, yet fierce 23-year-old who belongs to a clan called Shen, which is lead by her father. An ancient prophecy foretold that a son would be born to the chief on a certain day, and would act as a savior to the clan; when Nariko, a daughter, was born on that day instead, it was considered an intensely bad omen and a failure of the prophecy. She was shunned by the clan and was even blamed for their misfortunes. Despite the resentment she felt towards her clan, Nariko protects them with her life.


Sculpt: Marthin Augusta. Concept: Shamine Athena King. Art Direction: HMO Design and Development Team.

Normal Edition Size: 199. EX Edition Size: 100

Shipping Size: Est. 57cm x 50cm x 38cm

Shipping Weight: Est. 8kg.

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