Soška Mortighull vycházející z figurální řady the Court of the Dead Gallery collection podle předlohy PC hry Court of the Dead: Underworld Rising Video game je vysoká cca 67 cm s detailním zpracováním.

Sideshow Collectibles expands its awesome Court of the Dead Premium Format Figures line with Mortighull – Risen Reaper General.

Built from the remains of his predecessor, Mortighull serves as Death’s new High Commander. But this warrior remains untested. Is it his inexperience that causes him to hesitate, or is it the ever-present voice of Demithyle, whispering silently in his ear?

From the very moment he was created, Mortighull could sense the disapproval of his peers, constantly finding the new general lacking when compared to his predecessor, Demithyle. There are few among the Court that consider Mortighull truly worthy of his position, a group which at times includes Mortighull himself.

He knows it is not proper to doubt himself in this way, for it is not the nature of Bone to doubt. But replacing a Reaper General as respected and storied as Demithyle is no easy task. No matter how much he tells himself this, he always hears their whispers… always hears them judging him.

About the Court of the Dead Over millennia, Death has harvested countless souls on behalf of the warring powers of Heaven and Hell.

Seeking to redefine the laws of the afterlife, he orchestrates a Court of the Dead, filling the Underworld with souls he’s taken as his own.

Assembled from the disciplines of Spirit, Bone, and Flesh, together in the service of Death, they shall Rise, Conquer, Rule.

Inside the Court of the Dead:

Based on original story and characters created by Sideshow s Creative Director, Tom Gilliland, this all-new collection explores fascinating themes of death, beauty and the supernatural.

The Court of the Dead collection introduces a cast of extremely diverse characters. Here is the debut of the first Reaper General, the Queen of the Dead and Red Death garnering enthusiasm during a few spooktacular events, e.g. at the Burbank horror-themed convention, Monsterpalooza, where visitors saw a gallery of the ongoing artwork and sculptures including Shieve, the Arbiter of Bone, Gallevarbe, Death s Siren, and the Templar of Bone.

The world of the Court of the Dead revolves around Death, a mysterious overlord who seeks to redefine the laws of the afterlife. Focused on one purpose, to “Rise, Conquer and Rule,” the members of the Court assemble under the three Disciplines of the underworld: Spirit, Bone, and Flesh, each defined by unique philosophies and traits.

Like houses in Hogwarts, excited members of the art and development team have already started choosing their personal affiliations, while Gilliland s latest tattoo proudly represents them all.

In addition to the Sideshow Collectibles creative team, Gillland has assembled a powerhouse team of 2d and 3d artists from all over the world to create the new collection.

The Sideshow Exclusive Version of Mortighull features the Veil of Mortality: A decorative combat mask chosen to honor the mortals who Mortighull is tasked with collecting. It serves as a physical manifestation of the Reaper s internal struggle as he strives to transcend his darker nature. The exclusive mask comes with its own ornate display stand.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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