Lincoln Town Car Limousine 2003 White 1/18 Die-Cast Vehicle

Lincoln Town Car Limousine 2003 White 1/18 Die-Cast Vehicle

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Související:Lincoln Town Car Limousine 2003 Black 1/18 Die-Cast Vehicle
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Model auta pro sběratele Lincoln Town Car Limousine 2003 v bílém laku vytvořená podle předlohy originálu designerským týmem v měřítku 1:18 při věrném zachování detailu a kvality zpracování.

The Lincoln Town Car is a model line of full-size luxury sedans that was marketed by the Lincoln division of the American automaker Ford Motor Company from 1981 to 2011. Taking its nameplate from a limousine body style, the Lincoln Town Car first appeared in 1959 as a rare sub-model of the Continental, returning as a Lincoln trim line from 1969 to 1980. Following a revision of the Lincoln model line, the Lincoln Town Car became a distinct product line for 1981, replacing the Continental as the full-size Lincoln. From 1981 to its 2011 discontinuation, the Town Car was marketed as the flagship Lincoln sedan.

Lincoln Town Cars were produced in three generations, each based on the Ford Panther platform. Sharing a chassis and mechanical components with the Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford (LTD) Crown Victoria, all examples were rear-wheel drive. Offered nearly exclusively as a four-door sedan through its production, a two-door sedan was offered only in 1981.

Within Ford Motor Company, the Lincoln Town Car marked the first use of a fuel-injected engine and keyless entry; for the American automotive industry, the Town Car marked the first American use of a 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission (1980) and an overhead-cam V8 engine (1991).

Marketed primarily in the United States and Canada, the Town Car saw exports worldwide. From 1980 to 2007, the Lincoln Town Car was assembled at Wixom Assembly, in Wixom, Michigan, alongside the Lincoln Continental, Lincoln LS, Mark VI, Mark VII, and Mark VIII. Following the closure of Wixom Assembly, production of the Town Car was moved to St. Thomas Assembly in Southwold, Ontario, Canada, alongside the Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis. In 2011, production of all three Panther-platform vehicles ended as the St. Thomas facility ended production in September 2011.

Livery variants:

1999 Lincoln Town Car limousine with 120" body stretch.

Featuring a standard V8 engine, body-on-frame design, rear-wheel drive and large exterior and interior dimensions,[35] the Town Car became popular in livery and commercial service. In commercial service, the typical Lincoln Town Car saw a life expectancy of over 400,000 miles.[36] Its basis on the Ford Panther chassis gave it powertrain and suspension commonality with the Mercury Grand Marquis and the Ford LTD Crown Victoria (later the Crown Victoria). This design made them durable even in the rough conditions taxi and livery cars are subjected to, and easy and cheap to repair when they did suffer damage.

The Lincoln Town Car was popular as a stretch limousine donor chassis; it was the most commonly used limousine and chauffeured car in the United States and Canada.Hearses were also built on the Town Car chassis, through Ford s QVM program; the chassis was modified by coachbuilders for use in the funeral business.

Presidential State Car:

1989 Lincoln Town Car Presidential Limousine used by George H. W. Bush. A 1989 Lincoln Town Car was commissioned by United States President George H. W. Bush as the Presidential State Car of the United States to succeed the 1983 Cadillac Fleetwood used during the Ronald Reagan administration. The Presidential Town Car limousine arrived in 1989 and was the state car for the entire presidency of George H. W. Bush. It was succeeded by a Cadillac Fleetwood, delivered in 1993, which was used by his successor, Bill Clinton.

As of 2016, the 1989 Lincoln Town Car is the last Lincoln vehicle to have served as a Presidential State Car.

Town Car L : 2003 Lincoln Town Car Cartier L

A new "L" designation was used for extended-wheelbase Town Cars from 2000 to 2011. The L editions offered an additional 6 in (150 mm) of rear-seat legroom, as well as remote access audio and climate controls mounted in the rear center armrest. Also included was a two-way travel switch for the front passenger seat base (a feature shared with the extended-wheelbase Jaguar XJ). This L designation was similar to that used on other luxury flagship sedans such as the BMW 7 Series or the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The L designation was applied to the top-of-line Cartier (2000–2003), Ultimate (2004 only), and Signature (2005–2011) trim levels. Fleet buyers received it under the Executive L trim designation.

For 2000–02 versions, the "L" edition is best identified by a widened B-pillar, bearing the Lincoln "star" ornament; this was done to maintain parts commonality with the standard Town Car. 2003-2011 "L" editions are distinguished by longer rear doors, featuring wider versions of the fixed windows seen in the Town Car doors.

Ballistic Protection Series:

Starting in 2003, the Lincoln Town Car had been available featuring ballistic protection from the factory. Adding nearly $100,000 to the base price, the armored body and bulletproof glass raised the curb weight of the Town Car to nearly 7,000 pounds.[38] Other changes to the suspension and brakes were intended to preserve the handling of the Town Car. Only a handful of Lincoln dealers in the US were authorized to sell this series. Hongqi CA7460

Hongqi (marque):

In China, FAW produced a licensed version of the Lincoln Town Car rebadged as the Hongqi CA7460(红旗,Red flag CA7460) and Hongqi Qijian(红旗旗舰,Flagship) from November 10, 1998[39] to 2005. However the limousine version continues to be produced and sold in China. The limousine version is currently called the Hongqi Limousine.Pricing in 1998 was at 690,000 RMB (109,710 USD) while limousine variants were added later in the year. Pricing for the limousine variant was 1,350,000 RMB (214,650 USD)

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