Pluhový vůz na odhazování sněhu modelové železnice v měřítku HO pro železniční modeláře ve špičkové kvalitě - Walthers Jordan Spreader-Ditcher-Snowplow HO #920-110114 Maintenance-of-Way sněhový pluh.

Now you can add one of the most versatile machines every built to your maintenance-of-way fleet with the WalthersProto Jordan Spreader! The prototype was built in June 1949 as Chicago, Burlington & Quincy no. 203845. After the 1970 merger that created Burlington Northern, the Jordan Spreader was renumbered 972618. In the 2000s the Jordan Spreader was rebuilt and renumbered BNSF no. 939004. Though it’s still pneumatically operated (modern rebuilds are often converted to hydraulic operation), the prototype has a new, taller cab; three-pane all-weather windows on the sides; and a side-facing light above the all-weather window.

Used to profile and grade drainage ditches during warmer weather, when the flakes start flying, Jordans can be found plowing snow and pushing it back from the tracks. These HO replicas are based on the model 2-200 Spreader-Ditcher-Snowplow used by dozens of railroads, which have been in service year round since the 1920s. The full-size Jordan Spreader could be used as a spreader, ditcher, and snow plow, making it a valuable, year-round asset for railroads to have in their maintenance-of-way fleets. Featuring all-new tooling, the models are a perfect companion to the WalthersProto Russell Snowplows (sold separately) and feature:

Limited edition - one-time run of these numbers. Factory-installed grab irons. Positionable wings and moldboards can be raised and lowered. Built tough with durable metal hinges and other details. Complete underbody with brake gear and piping. Thin profile stirrups. Cab window "glass".

Railroad-specific details:

Horizontal or vertical air reservoir. Original or one of 3 later headlight styles as appropriate. 70-ton roller bearing or Bettendorf trucks as appropriate. Single-chime air horn placement. Ultra-smooth rolling metal axles and 33" wheelsets. Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers.

Based on equipment in BNSF service, this WalthersProto Jordan Spreader features a horizontal air tank, a modern horizontal headlight and the air horn mounted on the right-front of the cab.

What really makes the Walthers model stand out are the positionable wings and slopers. Yokes are attached to the frame and back of the wings and slopers. A wire pin holds the universal block in the yoke. A brace on one end and a rack on the other connect to the blocks, allowing the wings and slopers to move in and out. The slopers can also be raised and lowered. The small plow end wings are sprung and move when the main wings are extended.

Though some of the details on the Walthers model don t match the full-size no. 939004, the lettering placement and striping make it a reasonable stand-in. The paint is smooth and evenly applied.

The cab on the Walthers model has clear window glazing on the sides and ends, but the interior isn t detailed. Attached to the main vertical wing post crosstie is a non-functioning horizontal twin-beam headlight and single-chime air horn. It is hard to tell in prototype photos, but the real 939004 has at least a two-, and perhaps a three-, chime air horn.

It earns its keep at a maintenance-of-way (MOW) equipment site.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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