Jake Sully The Avatar Way of Water Sixth Scale Collectible Figure

Jake Sully The Avatar Way of Water Sixth Scale Collectible Figure

Soška Jake Sully vytvořená podle filmové předlohy the AVATAR 2: The Way of Water vycházející z grafického designu the Hot Toys 1/6 scale collectible figure line je vysoká cca 45 cm s detailním zpracováním.

Avatar: The Way of Water returns to Pandora over a decade after the first Avatar film, with Jake Sully the father of four children with his Na vi wife Neytiri. Together they lead the tribe. However, his new life as a Na vi gets turned upside down when some of his human enemies from Avatar return to Pandora. 

Sideshow and Hot Toys is introducing the Jake Sully Sixth Scale Collectible Figure of Jake Sully from the Avatar: The Way of Water collection.

The highly-detailed Jake Sully collectible stands about 45cm tall and is crafted based on the appearance of Jake Sully in Avatar: The Way of Water. The Avatar collectible features a newly developed head sculpt with highly-detailed hair sculpture and fabric hair implantation, delicate paint works capturing facial and body patterns with luminous reflective effects, carefully designed outfit with armbands, gauntlets all sculpted, iconic weapons and accessories such as axe, rifle, dagger, grenade, headset, and display base.

Pre-/order this Jake Sully figure for your inspiring fantasy and sci-fi collectibles display!

The Jake Sully Sixth Scale Figure features:

Authentic and detailed likeness of Jake Sully in Avatar: The Way of Water . One (1) newly developed head sculpt. Screen-accurate facial expression with detailed skin texture and facial patterns with luminous reflective effects*. Highly-detailed brown braided head sculpture with fabric hair implantation. Specialized body with over 16 points of articulations with bendable tail (wire embedded). Approximately 45 cm tall. Four (4) pieces of interchangeable hands including:

One (1) pair of rifle holding hands One (1) relax left hand One (1) accessory holding right hand Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted


One (1) green colored tactical vest with ammo clips One (1) blue loincloth with strings of beads One (1) pair of brown colored forearm gauntlets One (1) brown colored dagger sheath with shoulder harness


One (1) Axe One (1) rifle One (1) dagger One (1) grenade


One (1) headset Two (2) necklaces One (1) pair of arm bands with accessory Specially designed display base with character name

* Luminous reflective effect can be activated by UV black light torch (not included) Additional Details & Dimensions

Product Size Height: 17.72" (45 cm) *

Shipping Weight 5.00 lbs (2.3 kg) *

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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