Hawkgirl Bombshells Statue

Hawkgirl Bombshells Statue
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Související:Jesse Quick DC Comics Bombshells Statue
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Soška Hawkgirl vytvořená podle předlohy figurální řady the DC Comics Bombshells collection vycházející z tvorby Tim Millera and Ant Lucia je vysoká cca 26 cm s detailním zpracováním.

The very cool DC Collectibles Bombshells line continues - and there is no one better than Hawkgirl!

Measures Approximately 26 cm Tall. Limited edition of 5200.

Designed By Ant Lucia; Sculpted By Tim Miller.

Hawkgirl s look has gone through plenty of iterations over the years. From her animated look, to her classic Golden Age style, to something a bit more modern, she has always been a hero to be reckoned with.

Most obvious among those are the addition of wings on her helmet and sides of the jet pack, as well as the hawk insignia on the pin on her chest and in the center of the pack. Less obvious is the subtle use of color to emote her more classic look, as well as the hawk face design of the helmet.

Even the expression, with the devilish eyes and bubble gum bubble, screams Hawkgirl to me.

The use of the jet pack for flight, along with the goggles around her neck and flight suit she is wearing, work with the 1940 s aviation theme. By putting her up on her toes, they have given her some separation from the base that adds to the feeling of flight, and the translucent flames coming out of the back of the rocket look terrific.

Real Name: Shiera Sanders Hall, Kendra Saunders. Alias: Hawkgirl. Abilities: Immortality through Reincarnation, Flight through Nth Metal Wings.

Chay-Ara was the original Hawkgirl, thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt. She was murdered by a knife made of Nth metal, a unique a mystical material. Due to its properties, she has been reincarnated indefinitely, always working side by side with her also reincarnated love. Using this Nth metal for wings, armor, and weaponry, Hawkgirl is able to fly, and withstand even the most powerful of foes.

Admittedly, she has had many different origins. In the Justice League Animated Series, she was an Alien from a planet called Thanagar, which is where the Nth metal originates from. Regardless of her origin, Hawkgirl has always fought for good. She retains memories from all of her lives, so she has thousands of years of training behind every single punch.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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