Soška Goblin Queen vytvořená podle komiksové předlohy a vycházející z grafického návrhu je vysoká cca 30 cm s detailním zpracováním.

Technically a clone of X-Man Jean Grey, the Goblin Queen began her ill-fated existence as an innocent experiment of Mr. Sinister. Living as Madelyne Pryor, she was maneuvered into Cyclops life after the presumed death of Jean and eventually became both his wife and the mother of his child. Her own ambitions would later lead her to become known as the Goblin Queen after being granted demonic powers by the powerful S ym.

Madelyne Pryor s Demonic Alter-Ego - Mutant X: Previews Exclusive.

Madelyne Pryor has a very confusing past. Comic readers originally met her as a non-mutant Jean Grey lookalike who Cyclops met soon after Jean was killed during the Dark Phoenix Saga.

The writers intentions were for Scott to rebound with Madelyne, retire from the X-Men, and move to Alaska to settle down and have kids. But then the concept of re-establishing the original X-Men team as X-Factor was brought to the table and all those plans were scrapped. Madelyne was dumped for the resurrected Jean and got really ticked. Readers then found out that she was actually a clone of Jean created by Mr. Sinister in order to seduce Scott and produce the powerful Jean & Scott offspring that would have been difficult after Jean s original death (spoiler: they had Nathan Summers aka Cable). During the Inferno storyline in the late 80s, Madelyne s Jean-like powers were unlocked and made susceptible to demonic forces (just like Jean was effected by the Phoenix force) to become the reality-warping Goblin Queen.

This incarnation has remained popular and still surfaces as an X-Men villain (or ally) every few years.

This Figure of Madelyne Pryor as the Goblin Queen is from an alternate reality established in 1998 s Mutant X comic series. These stories are very similar to those starring the Crime Syndicate in the DC Universe. Havok has swapped realities with his doppelganger. In this reality, all the heroes are darker (but still heroic) and there is a definite demonic slant to everything. Storm is now Bloodstorm, Angel is now The Fallen, etc etc. Madelyne Pryor is still herself and still the Goblin Queen, but she kind of fills the parallel role of Jean in this reality s X-Men team. In the comic, she also went by the name Marvel Woman (a clear nod to Jean s Marvel Girl days). Also, this mentioned online often (but never in the comic themselves), but her name may have been spelled "Goblyn" in this reality.

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