Soška Echidna vytvořená podle předlohy figurální řady Queen’s Blade Series vycházející z japonské formy dějového vyprávění anime je vysoká cca 23 cm s detailním zpracováním.

There are many versions of Queen s Blade Echidna figure, this is sculpted by Osiris/Masahiro Yamamoto who does always a great job in giving the figures an appealing face expression and is quite skilled in complimenting female curves. The Echidna is scaled 1/7 with a height of 23 cm.

The name Echidna is based on a creature in greek mythology, being half woman half snake who never aged. The real origin of her are actually the Queen s Blade Battle books and she made several appearances in the animes and OVAs. She comes from a small Elf tribe and now makes a living with working as mercenary. As part time job she also likes to be the molestering instructor for young female warriors. On first look Echidna is a person of ruthless, mean and sadistic character, but she also is able to show kindness to persons she likes.

Echidna is sporting a wild ponytail hairstyle with long strands before her pointy elf ears, her front hair painted in a light olive color, while the ponytail is several tones darker. The little shading looks good and the sculpting of the hair also looks very good. Her beautiful face is very detailed and gives the figure a livelike appearance. The slanted eyes with the black lining around and also this lascivious blush underneath are very appealing. The mouth with the purple lips gives her this certain playful and sadistic air her character has. On the bottomline Osiris really knows how to make lovely faces, with the detailed face Echidna even rivals new figures.

Compared to other Queen’s Blade figures, Echidna’s outfit appears to be fallen into the military paint bucket, all the beige, silver, green and olive look great.

On top she is wearing a long sleeved top with a open cleavage with some armor parts on top, the detailed metallic colored parts and ornament details all over her outfit look pretty nice. Other parts of her outfit are also the patina beige long boots with light stockings underneath.

The upper top is also castoffable, while not seen better solutions for such a feature, it is a quite charming how it works with this figure, the snake brooch is holding her top together and you have to unclip it to expose echidnas breasts. In the anime Echidna has a pet snake called Keltan, this snake is also used to cover Echidna’s private parts a little, not that would mind anyway. The snake thong can be clipped and unclipped together to strip Echidna even more.

The body of the figure is very attractive, the upright pose also gives Echidna a combative appearance. She has nice proportions and a sexy back, her well-contoured butt is quite seductive and round. Even though her dirty snake underwear is very revealing it only gave her Barbie anatomy, considering her character, a more daring attempt would have been more fitting.

The Queen’s Blade – Echidna – Excellent Model figure is a nice figure with a beautiful, expressive face, that can even compete with todays figure standards. This figure also has a cool, detailed outfit and an interesting, bold pose.

It stands approx. 23 cm tall and comes with base in a window box packaging.

This item has features and themes that are for adults only. Ages 18 and up. Recommended for mature collectors.

Size/Weight : 27 x 22.1 x 16.1 cm / 533g

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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