Norfolk Southern #8101 HO Central of Georgia Heritage Paint GE ES44AC Diesel Locomotive DC DCC & Paragon3 Sound

Norfolk Southern #8101 HO Central of Georgia Heritage Paint GE ES44AC Diesel Locomotive  DC DCC & Paragon3 Sound
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Dieselová lokomotiva modelové železnice v měřítku HO pro železniční modeláře ve špičkové kvalitě - BLI 2814 Norfolk Southern #8101 HO Central of Georgia Heritage Paint GE ES44AC Diesel Locomotive DC DCC & Paragon3 Sound .

Broadway Limited is excited to release its most modern diesel locomotive ever -- The GE ES44AC.

The "Evolution Series 4400HP DC Traction" locomotive is part of GE Transportation Systems line of diesel locomotives that were built to meet the EPAs 2005 Tier 2 locomotive emissions standards. All Evolution Series locomotives delivered to the North American market are six axle locomotives equipped with Nathan-Airchime K5HL-R2 "Evolution" airhorns.

The GE ES44AC is still in use today serving the entire nation through a variety of hauling tasks including traffic resulting from the Ethanol mandate. CSX has some 200 units on or coming onto its roster, while Iowa Interstate ordered 14 units. Norfolk Southern purchased 24 units, receiving the first of its allotment in 2008.

This spectacularly detailed modern diesel will come equipped with our cutting edge Paragon3 Sound and control system and will feature variable load-based smoke output -- yet another way that Broadway Limited leads the pack in model railroading technology.

Industry-Leading Features:

NEW Paragon3 Sound & Operation System FEATURING ROLLING THUNDERTM with Authentic Sounds and Prototypical Operation in both DC and DCC environments. Factory Installed Engineer / Fireman Figures. Variable Load-Based Smoke Output. Locomotive Composition: ABS body with Die Cast Chassis. Couplers: (2) Operating Kadee or Compatible. Compatible Tracks: Code 70, 83, 100 Rail Minimum Operating Radius: 18 in or greater.

While other companies are busy trying to match the performance of Paragon2, Broadway Limited leaps forward with the technical revolution that is the ALL-NEW Paragon3 with Rolling ThunderTM.

At Broadway Limited, we don t put in more technology just for the sake of technology. The ALL-NEW Paragon3 with Rolling ThunderTM incorporates numerous improvements, from enhanced reliability to increased lighting options to expanded sound recording space that make model railroading more realistic for you, our customers. Below is a brief sampling of the features that make the ALL-NEW Paragon3 with Rolling ThunderTM the new benchmark in model railroading sounds and motor control:


2 Selectable Bells. 3 playable horns with variable endings 1 long, non-looped horn. 1 alternate horn. Quill horn with Digitrax DT400 or NCE Pro Cab throttle. 4 Times Expanded Autopilot storage. Expanded Startup and Shutdown sequences 64MB or 128MB sound memory. 2 Watt Audio output. 90 db signal to noise ratio. 16 bit audio resolution. 24 sounds with separate volume control.

Unmatched frequency response as low as 20 Hz when paired with Rolling ThunderTM subwoofer kit. 8 simultaneously playable audio channels. Functional Dynamic Brake with Grid Blower sounds. Improved motor control in DC and DCC. Motor short circuit protection. Outputs for headlights, MARS lights, automatic cab light, rear lights, marker lights, ditch lights, running board lights, number board lights and a few spares.

Works with NMRA standard DCC controllers Automatic Dual Mode: Works with DC power packs or DCC.

The ALL-NEW Paragon3 with Rolling ThunderTM can only be fully experienced in person.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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