DHALSIM The Yoga Master Deluxe Exclusive Mixed Media Quarter Scale Ultra Statue

DHALSIM The Yoga Master Deluxe Exclusive Mixed Media Quarter Scale Ultra Statue

v prodeji od 31.08.2018
Rok vydání:2018
Skladem:poslední kusy
Výrobce: Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

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Soška DHALSIM vytvořená podle předlohy figurální řady STREET FIGHTER V vycházející z grafického návrhu PCS Quarter Scale Statue line je vysoká cca 62 cm s detailním zpracováním.

Dhalsim, a Street Fighter 1/4-scale mixed media statue. This museum quality collectible stands 18 inch tall and portrays the reluctant pacifist in his floating yoga pose. It includes a hand tailored fabric costume, 2 heads (meditative and yelling), and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Height 18.00".

"Fret not over victory nor defeat, but be as serene as still water."

Over 25 years ago the Street Fighter roster expanded to include a whole cast of new warriors from every corner of the globe, one of the most iconic and enduring characters to be introduced was the stoic yoga warrior Dhalsim.

Dhalsim s animated fighting style stood in stark contrast to his reserved demeanor, making him a captivating character that resonated with the player community and secured his place as a series mainstay for years to come.

"Dhalsim is such a visually interesting character, so we are really excited to add him to our Ultra line of 1:4 scale statues." says PCS President and Creative Director Jerry Macaluso

"This line is focused on high energy poses and that made Dhalsim an easy choice for the next piece. Our last Dhalsim statue had this quiet confidence to it, so we wanted our next take on the character to show off his more dangerous side...and I think we nailed it!"

PCS Collectibles is proud to announce the Dhalsim 1:4 Ultra Statue! Featuring a dynamic figure sculpted using the latest in digital technology and an intricately detailed base modeled after Dhalsim s original stage, this piece will breathe new life into any Street Fighter fans collection!

The PCS "Yoga Master" Exclusive includes the Classic Blowing head!

PCS knows how much our fans wanted this piece and we just couldn t say no. The Yoga Master Exclusive includes a total of FOUR swap out portraits!

The DHALSIM The Yoga Warrior Mixed Media Quarter Scale Deluxe Exclusive Statue includes:

-- SFV Style Body -- SFV Style Stoic Head -- SFV Style Blowing Head -- Classic Style Stoic Head -- Classic Style Blowing Head

JUST ADDED! -- SFV Style Stretched Arm -- SFV Style Normal Arm.

Limited to 200 pcs.

Size: 24.25" (61.6cm) H x 13.75" (35cm) W x 11.5" (29cm) D

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