Christopher Lee As Saruman the White Sixth Scale Figure The Hobbit z Pána Prsten

Christopher Lee As Saruman the White Sixth Scale Figure The Hobbit  z Pána Prsten

Věkové omezení:14
Rok vydání:2015
Skladem:poslední kusy
Související:Evangeline Lilly As Tauriel Sixth Scale Figure The Hobbit
Luke Evans As Bard The Bowman Sixth Scale Figure The Hobbit
Výrobce: Asmus Collectible Toys

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Soška Sarumana vytvořená podle řady The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit high-quality Middle-earth collectibles vycházející z díla J.R.R. Tolkiena je vysoká cca 32 cm s detailním zpracováním.

Saruman, a wise wizard and part of the White Council, disapproves of Gandalf s quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain. After learning of a rumored Necromancer who can summon the dead, Saruman is skeptical and dismisses that there is a dangerous enemy coming. One of the eldest Wizards in Middle-earth, Saruman the White sought the power of the One Ring.

HOBBT003 Christopher Lee As Saruman the White Sixth Scale Figure features:

· Asmus Toys KP01A+ male body · Approximately 32 cm tall · Over 36 points of articulation

· An authentic realistic likeness of Christopher Lee as seen in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies.

· One pair of elder relaxed posture hand · One pair of elder weapon holding hand · One pair of elder open palm hand . One spell cursing hand · One pair of Orc leg brace (can be equipped on regular 12” body to build an orc)

Special features on Clothing:

· One pair of Saruman’s robes · One robe fastenings · One pair of Saruman’s coat · One pair of boots

Special features in weapons:

· Magic Staff · Palantír of Orthanc· . Saruman s altar


· One interractive cutom base · One Asmus Toys figure stand

The Saruman s aged and weathered skin looks fantastic, and the combination of sculpted beard and rooted hair was absolutely the right way to go. Asmus has been experimenting with this sort of mixed hair technique. Here, the long, straight, flowing white hair looks far more realistic than any long sculpted hair would have. Trying to do a rooted beard would not have worked.

Then there s accuracy. Yes, this is very clearly Saruman as played by the wonderful Christopher Lee. The bushy eyebrows and evil stare, the long nose, even the shape of the head, are all excellent work. Here is also a very small, exposed divot at the front of the hair line, where the rooted hair is inserted.

And finally, there is life-like. They have given the expression true emotion, and you can see the attitude boiling just under the surface. This is no blank stare or zombie face, this is a wizard about to mess you up.

It is also worth noting that Asmus went out of their way with the hand sculpts, using all new versions for this character. They have long, boney fingers, long nails, and a older, veined appearance.

The figure is just a smidge shorter than Hot Toys or Sideshow, with Saruman coming in about 1/8" shy of 12" tall.

There is seven hands in all: two for gripping the staff, two relaxed pose, two in what they called open palm poses, and one spell casting (or splayed) hand. These are a softer material, so swapping them is quite easy, and inserting the staff or other items is also very simple.

Here is his staff, with crystal ball at the top. One of the cool design elements being never noticed in the movie is how the top of the staff matches the style of the altar.

That is the big accessory here: the altar. It is made from solid, heavy polystone, and includes a light up feature. The sculpt is great, and it can rest on the included large heavy cardboard mat..

To rest on top of the alter (or in Saruman s hands) is the Palantir of Orthanc. At first glance, it looks like your basic dark colored plastic marble, what we would have called a shooter. Blow some light through it, and you realize there IS an eye in there, it is just tricky to see.

The altar includes a battery compartment on the base, along with a small switch. Place two LR44 batteries (not included) inside, flip the switch, and a bright light shines out the top of the altar.

One interesting feature is that the batter compartment cover is held in place with a magnet. It is quite a strong one, so there is no fear of the cover falling off.

The light doesn t do a lot to illuminate the interior of the Palantir, unfortunately. It looks pretty good from above, since that puts the light source on the opposite side from your eye, but the seal between the ball and the light is not very good, allowing much of the illumination to be lost on the side. Had they dropped the light down inside the altar just a little more, so the round bottom of the marble could rest deeper and seal off the edges.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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