Catwoman Sixth Scale Exclusive Action Figure

Catwoman Sixth Scale Exclusive Action Figure
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Soška Catwoman vytvořená podle předlohy figurální řady the DC series of sixth scale action figures collection vycházející z grafické tvorby je vysoká cca 30 cm s detailním zpracováním.

In the Bat-verse, the Joker tends to get all the press. He is Batman s arch nemesis, and not a Batman related toy line, television show, or movie franchise has managed to avoid his inclusion at some point. But he wasn t the only character to appear in Batman #1 way back in 1940 - Catwoman made her debut as well.

While her basic look - and back story - has changed over the years, her penchant for burgling and her sexual tension with Batman has remained consistent. Sideshow couldn t avoid her for long with their DC series of sixth scale action figures, and she has managed to hit shelves alongside the Caped Crusader.

This Feline Femme Fatale figure comes with two head sculpts. One has the calm, slightly sexy expression of a woman in control, while the other is a battle scream, with exposed teeth and dangerous, squinty eyes.

While both heads are quite pretty there is something about the demure look that fits in with the burglar persona better. That head will work great if you plan on posing her in mid-battle with Batman, however.

The figure is done in a more realistic, slightly less comic-booky style not going for absolute life-like here, but avoiding anything too extreme in the appearance.

With the design of the cowl and ears. they have managed to stick cat ears on an adult woman and not make her look like a sad waitress in a 50 s Kitty Cat Club.

There are three sets of hands, sculpted in various poses. A couple are designed to work with the accessories, while a couple others are for gestures. They all look great, and are properly scaled.

There is all the usual articulation, including an excellent double jointed neck. The female body is a bit thin in the legs and hips, but has plenty of other curves to make up for it. The breasts are covered in a softer, rubbery material, giving them a more life-like appearance and feel. This softer material has that slightly translucent look that approximates real skin so much better. Since most of us are going to keep the zipper fairly low, the use of the softer material is much appreciated.

There are two versions of this figure, regular and Sideshow exclusive. The only difference is the inclusion of one additional accessory.

She starts off with three sets of hands. She is wearing fists in the box, and has an additional right designed to hold the whip handle, while the other three are in various poses. They are designed to give her a claws out look, and work to great effect. They swap easily - a little too easily - but there are extra wrist pegs just in case.

There is an extra set of boots too, with the toes in a bent position. These also swap easily, and once again it is really too easy, as they pop off when posing. There is a couple extra ankle posts as well.

The boot and hand sculpts are excellent, as is the paint work. Using these in various combinations makes it easy to find multiple poses that stand out on the shelf.

She also has not one but two whips. One is rubber, thinner overall and easier to roll up and attach to her belt. The loop that holds it in place closes with a magnet, and the thinner whip is less likely to force the magnet open. It still falls out a little too easily, but it is much better than with the second, heavier whip.

The second whip is made from leather, and the more realistic appearance is the way to go if you are posing her in battle stance. Having both whips is a really nice option, and makes either look - loose and flowing or rolled and contained - work for the character.

She also has a small, light weight plastic pack. This fits over her shoulders and opens, with room for the extra whip, her goggles, or her plunder.

Speaking of goggles, the red lens are held in place around her head with an elastic band. They can be worn over her eyes, or up on her forehead - or not at all.

Every burglar needs some stolen goods, and Catwoman always did have a thing for diamonds. She comes with a very large rock, and it is clearly her best friend.

The exclusive includes one additional piece of plunder - a large Egyptian cat statue. Considering the thematic correlation, it is a great looking extra to have on the shelf.

Finally, the figure comes with a display stand. Rather than go with the traditional black, the base is a chunk of the floor from the Gotham City Diamond Exchange.

As you should have guessed, this is a sixth scale figure comingin at the full 12" if you measure all the way to the tip of her ears.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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