BMW i8 Accu-Operated Vehicle For Children elektrické autíčko pro děti od 3 do 6 let

BMW i8 Accu-Operated Vehicle For Children elektrické autíčko pro děti od 3 do 6 let
Elektrické autíčko BMW i8 pro děti od 3 do 6 let, který lze ovládat na dálku (na baterie, do 30 m) nebo pomocí elektro pedálu (akumulátor 12 V ) vytvořené podle předlohy originálu. Auto o váze 18 kg má dva silné elektromotorky a řadící páku na směr jízdy vpřed nebo vzad a dvě rychlosti cca 3 a 6 km/hod. Součástí je možnost poslechu hudby přes MP3 kabel a zvukové a světelné efekty. Maximální nostnost 45 kg.

BMW i8 is a Battery-operated vehicle in a Blue colour, is controllable via a remote control or pedal accelerator. You can remotely send it back and forth, left and right. If you consider it safe enough for your child, he / she can give it to steer the gas pedal.

This electric BMW is also equipped with an MP3 connection and a volume knob to listen to your own music. In addition, the BMW is equipped with sound and light effects (LED lamps). The car has 2 powerful engines (2x35W) and can be operated by means of a gear lever to drive forwards or backwards. Speed ​​can also be adjusted between approx. 3 and 6 km / h.


- Remote control. Maximum remote control distance : 30 m. -Gas pedal. - MP3 connection (incl. Auxiliary cable). - Volume control. - Start / stop button. - Sound and light effects. - 2 gears (approx. 3 and 6 km / h). - Shift lever (forward and reverse). - Rear wheel drive. - The BMW is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years. - Available in 2 colors: White and blue. - V loadable up to 45 kg. - Maximum speed: 6 km / h. Material: Plastic Weight: váha 18 kg. Package dimensions/ rozměry 127 x 64 x 38 cm. Product dimensions 127 x 76 x 52 cm Manufacturers warranty: 6 months.

Easy assembly: The children s cars are always pre-assembled from the factory for 75% and you can easily assemble the rest yourself. Due to the size of the car and the risk of breaking damage during transport, a mounted car can unfortunately not be sent. The assembly is very simple and usually consists of connecting (the cables of) 2 motors, the battery, the wheels, the mirrors and the steering wheel. In most cases it is a matter of a click system. All you need is a cross-screwdriver. In the manual step by step all steps are explained.

* For all electric children s cars, there may be some wipes / spots visible on the plastic due to the production process. These are the attachment points of the plastic molds and especially visible on the dark colors.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.


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